Press Release

NEXT SCIENCE, New Drug Development with Vietnamese company, NanoGen, “aimingfor first move of Bio”

2019-03-18 10:48

“Jin Yang Gon, the Chairman of NEXT SCIENCE and Ho Nan, the Chairman of NanoGen hit it off well”

NEXT SCIENCE will start developingrare pharmaceuticals with NanoGen, the only biosimilar company in the ASEAN countries.

NEXT SCIENCEannounced that Dandi Bioscience signed a strategic alliance with NanoGen at Ho Chi Minh High-Tech Park in Vietnam on Monday (May 21) whereNanoGen Headquarters is located. The event was attended by Ho Nan, the representatives of NanoGen, Financial director Shin Dong Min, Jin YangGon,the Chairman of NEXT SCIENCE, Park Young Min, the representative ofDandi Bio etc.

Both born in 1966, the Chairman Jin and Ho Nan hold hands together to cooperate closely. The two have been discussing for about six months since last year and have agreed to invest in mutual investment and develop new drugs.

Dandi Bio, a subsidiary of NEXT SCIENCE, will jointly develop septicemia, high-risk influenza, hepatitis B treatment, alcohol and cholesterol absorption-lowering drugs starting with the joint clinical trials of immunity enhancers, immune-stimulants, etc.They will also sell healthy and functional foods.

The rate of adaptation to patient treatment is only 20 to 30% with Opdivo that have been successfully replicated by NanoGen. The application of Dandi Bio's immunity enhancer is expected to double the treatment response rate. They will be doing basic research activities on NanoGen'sOpdivo, Yervoy clinics and Dandi Bio's immunity enhancer clinic.

An official of NEXT SCIENCE said, "I expect Dandi Bio, which is aiming for First Move of Bio, and NanoGen, who succeeded in replicating the representative immune gate inhibitor, to generate synergy."

Dandi Bio also has new drug candidates that inhibit the secretion of cytokines, the cause of sepsis. We will develop alternative agent for NanoGen and antibiotic polymyxin B and develop device blood purification module for sepsis treatment device. A company official said, "Sepsis treatments will be licensed out (L / O) in Vietnam and Southeast Asia after non-clinical treatment."

The joint development of high-risk influenza and hepatitis B therapies is expected to generate synergies with NanoGen's production facilities. "It is possible to co-develop high-risk influenza with NanoGen that is already producing interferon replication," the official said. "The experience of NanoGen that succeeded in cloning hepatitis vaccine and the protein that removes hepatitis B virus Interleukin-32 is also expected to co-develop hepatitis B treatment."

Shin Dong Min, the financial director of NanoGen, said, "The process of making a road through business is ultimately based on people." The trust of Ho Nan and Chairman Jin Yang is so strong that it will be not difficult to realize a big vision based on close cooperation between the two companies."He said.