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‘Natural Cosmetics’ElishaCoy’s first entry into Indonesian homeshopping

2019-03-18 10:47
Introduce 'Bouquet Essence Cushion' through GS Home Shopping SCJ Vietnam SCG Home Shopping revealed 'Vivid Party Magic Lipstick'
President, Kim Hoon,plan to enter Malaysian home shopping in March

ElishaCoy launched home shopping broadcasts in Indonesia and Vietnam this month, expanding overseas markets to Southeast Asia.

ElishaCoy announced on the 11th that through GS Home Shopping, which entered Indonesia, they are going to broadcast their products at the end of this month. Broadcasting through GS Home Shopping,△ Bouquet Essence Cushion △ Vivid Party Magic Lipstick △ BB All-in-One Cleanser △ Moist Up Hyaluronic Toner will be introduced. This is the first time the company has been broadcasting its products through home shopping in Indonesia.

Also,it is scheduled to be broadcast via SCJ home shopping in Vietnam later this month. Through this broadcast, △Bouquet cushion set △ Vivid Party Magic lipstick set △ low-priced mask is planned to release. The company has conducted home shopping marketing two times in Vietnam in the past.

ElishaCoy has been accelerating in recent years in the Southeast Asian region. The company, which focuses on natural cosmetics, has made its way into the Japanese home shopping QVC and announced its brand. It has also opened over 2,400 CVS stores in the US health and beauty store chain. In Korea, it has entered several duty-free shops such as Lotte, Silla, and Donghwa.

ElishaCoyis also expanding into Southeast Asia, including Indonesia and Vietnam. Kim Hoon, the President ofElishaCoy said, "We are planning to broadcast home shopping in Malaysia in March following Indonesia and Vietnam." We will accelerate our overseas expansion by launching our products in Indonesian drugstore soon. "

Meanwhile, ElishaCoy recently launched the ‘Mofflex’ brand to prevent hair loss, and is expanding its product lineup. The company, which launched the ‘Mofflex Hair Water Volumuler’ at the end of last year, plans to launch hair loss preventive shampoo and conditioner one after another.