Press Release

Dandi Bio, the daughter company of NEXT SCIENCE, developed the new treatment for highly infectious influenza

2019-03-18 10:47
NEXT SCIENCE said the reason for the rebound after the recent stock price decline is that the pipeline for treating highly pathogenic influenza, which reduces the side effects of Tamiflu, is highlighted.

NEXT SCIENCE said they are interested in a highly pathogenic form of influenza, one of DandiBio's pipeline that the company recently acquired, as concerns over the side effects of Tamiflu have increased.

In general, when infected by an influenza virus, the body primarily releases interferon to fight the virus, but can die if it is not effective to the virus and does not even receive proper treatment.

World Bank estimated that social and economic losses from infections caused by the highly pathogenic influenza virus amount to 200 trillion won each year. The Asian Development Bank estimated it to be 250-300 trillion won.

According to the company, the current situation is that Tamiflu is almost the only drug for influenza virus treatment, and alternative drugs are inadequate.

"Professor Kim, Gyun-hwan of the University of Seoul revealed that if someone is infected by a highly pathogenic influenza virus, mutations occurred in proteins involved in the production of interferon which resulted in blocking the production of interferon, and the immune system of our body is broken down.” "It is true that we are challenging the development of a highly pathogenic influenza drug based on our research results."

Director Kim said, "The development of new drugs or treatments takes a long time, so we do not impatiently keep our hopes up too much.”"We will strongly support the development of Dandi Bio's various pipelines."